martedì 11 febbraio 2014

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Valentines Treats from Chez Christophe


Award winning chocolate master Christophe Bonzon is celebrating his 1st Valentines Day at his shop this year with some special chocolate creations that will make your heart melt!  Since missing the international day of love in 2013 with an Easter opening Christophe and his wife Jessica are in full Valentines Day spirits this year.  Besides the amazing bon bons that Chez Christophe is known for he has also crafted a series of Valentines themed showpieces studded with bon bons as well as a beautiful chocolate dessert creation perfect for sharing!
The dessert that has been created is called the Valentine with Love.  This beautiful dessert is a raspberry and Swiss milk chocolate mousse, raspberry confit, gluten-free chocolate and toasted pecan brownie using 70% OCAO purity from Nature and a hand piped heart of 65% INAYA dark chocolate.  The Sphere is the chocolate mousse component of the dessert and in the middle is the raspberry confit and brownie and on top is the hand piped dark chocolate heart then it’s airbrushed with pink cocoa butter to give it a beautiful finish.
The hand crafted chocolate showpieces are available in 3 different configurations and sizes:
All the items in this post are available and in-stock now but it’s best to call ahead to secure any treats you might want, you can reach Chez Christophe at 604-428-4200.
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