venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

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Not your average buche de noel
by Sean
december 2013

Award winning chocolatier Christophe Bonzon has out done himself this holiday season and created a Buche de Noel that will knock your socks off, the Pomme Cannelle.  It all started with a picture posted to the shops Instagram account and the second I saw this non-traditional whimsical buche de noel I knew I had to have one.   The Food Gays were also with me at the time and fell in love with what they saw so we all made an order for one and dinner plans were made.  This dessert is a size that serves 6 and comes in at $30, Christophe also has a different design coated in rich, shiny chocolate ganache and different filling if this isn’t your thing.
The Pomme Cannelle is a cinnamon and gingerbread mousse with gingerbread sponge and spicy apple jelly.  The mousse is extremely light and melts in your mouth, the cinnamon and gingerbread flavor was classic yet perfectly balanced with the apple jelly.  In the middle was the spiced apple jelly, it had a nice sweetness to it that added a great contrast to the mousse.  To finish off the holiday flavors the gingerbread sponge was a perfect base for this treat, as the mousse melts in your mouth with the apple jelly the gingerbread kind of brings all the flavors together and adds some texture.
We devoured this dessert in no time flat and loved every bite, the quality of the ingredients and craftsmanship of his creations really shine through at Chez Christophe.  I would highly suggest this for your Holiday meal, you can visit Chez Christophe’s website .
Chez Christophe chocolaterie patisserie
4712 Hastings Street Burnaby bc